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Many couples love to come to sunny Los Angeles and have their destination weddings near the stars. When you don’t know a big city like Los Angeles well, then it can be easily confusing about what to do to get married. I’ve performed many destination weddings in Los Angeles and have helped countless couples navigate the red tape.


As long as you get married in Los Angeles County I can issue you a marriage license and then perform your wedding ceremony anywhere in Los Angeles County. Confused about where to get married in Los Angeles? No problem. It’s safe to say that I’ve been to every single wedding location in Los Angeles so I can make some great recommendations for Los Angeles weddings. And if your country requires an apostille, I can help you with that as well. Since I’m an attorney as well, the paperwork for me is second nature. How’s that for destination wedding packages.


So, if you’re looking for destination weddings in the U.S. consider Los Angeles.

Probably the single most requested wedding locations are a beach weddings in Los Angeles. There is something so romantic about the beach– the sand in your toes, the crashing waves, and the warmth of the sun. What a perfect scenario to get married in L.A.

beach weddings los angeles

There are some things to know about beach weddings in Los Angeles:

  • An impromptu wedding with a few people is the easiest as it is allowed by the Los Angeles Authorities (every beach in Los Angeles is under a different jurisdiction so do check).
  • If you have an organized group of wedding guests over 50 guests this usually requires a beach wedding permit.
  • If you require a wedding gazebo and/or chairs for your wedding guests you will also require a wedding location permit.
  • Remember your wedding guests who may not be able to navigate the heat and the unstable sand underfoot. (I have witnessed way too many grandmothers suffering as they try to reach the wedding location on the beach.)

Eloping in Los Angeles is a very easy thing to do when you have the right wedding minister.

Not only am I a Los Angeles wedding minister but I can issue you a marriage licenseto make your elopement an easy, one-stop shop. A marriage license plus a marriage ceremony equals one easy elopement package.

eloping in los angeles

Private wedding ceremonies, or eloping in Los Angeles can be a blast. Eloping is something that is way less stressful than a larger affair.



Eloping is a word that implies running away to get married. However, nowadays it usually means either a destination wedding or a private wedding ceremony.


Since I can issue California confidential marriage licenses your wedding does not have to have witnesses, unlike the public marriage license. And what’s great about the confidential marriage license is that it is sealed from public view and only a judge or yourself can see a copy of it. I issue the marriage license on behalf of Los Angeles County so as long as you get married in Los Angeles County I can provide this easy service. Unless, of course, you actually enjoy waiting in line at the County Clerk’s office to get your license, which can take up to whole day to get, sometimes requiring two trips to the County Recorder.

So if you are eloping in Los Angeles, please give me a call to be your wedding minister at either (310) 882-5039 or (562) 547-3255. I would be glad to help you.

I have officiated countless wedding ceremonies of all possible types.


Some weddings have 400 guests and some have none but no matter how small or intimate a wedding, the couple’s wedding vows are the words that seal their marriage.  I can provide a variety of suggest wedding ceremonies and vows but I think it is nice for a bride and groom to personalize their wedding vows.


One way to present personalized wedding vows is for both the bride and the groom to write their own wedding vows or just some simple thoughts to their mate which they can recite after their “I do” vows and before their exchange of rings.  They may also wish to recite a poem, song lyrics or some other passage that has personal meaning to the couple and their relationship.  Whether a ceremony is two minutes or thirty minutes what is most important is that the words of the ceremony express exactly what the couple intend.