In order for you to be legally married you must first apply for a marriage license and then have your marriage solemnized by an authorized wedding minister or officiant.

marriage license los angeles

I am a specialized notary as well as a Los Angeles wedding minister so I can issue you a Los Angeles County marriage license if your wedding takes place in Los Angeles County.


I am authorized as a special agent of the Los Angeles County Clerk’s office to issue California confidential marriage licenses. This type of license is best kind of wedding license because it protects your personal information from identity thieves, telemarketers, stalkers and the general public.


Marriage License Requirements

There are just a few requirements for me to issue you a Los Angeles confidential marriage license:

  • You must state that you live together.
  • You must provide the following detailed information on the page entitled Los Angeles Wedding Minister.
  • You have to have your wedding within the boundaries of Los Angeles County.
  • You need to provide valid ID.
  • If you were previously married less than two years ago, you must provide paperwork from the dissolution of your previous marriage.


Benefits of a Confidential Marriage License

There are great benefits to a confidential marriage license:

  • As stated above, your information is sealed from the general public.
  • There is no waiting.
  • The marriage license can be delivered to you.
  • No witnesses are necessary to the wedding ceremony.

Confidential Marriage License vs. Public Marriage License

There is much confusion about a confidential marriage license versus a public marriage license. Many people incorrectly think that a confidential marriage license isn’t legal, but it is. The difference is that your information is sealed from view. This was made available to people getting married so that they could have the option of privacy of their personal information. It is the type of marriage license I recommend and the type that I opted for when I got married. That way, the only way that anyone could get their hands on your personal information is by a court order or by your notarized signature.

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