Probably the single most requested wedding locations are a beach weddings in Los Angeles. There is something so romantic about the beach– the sand in your toes, the crashing waves, and the warmth of the sun. What a perfect scenario to get married in L.A.

beach weddings los angeles

There are some things to know about beach weddings in Los Angeles:

  • An impromptu wedding with a few people is the easiest as it is allowed by the Los Angeles Authorities (every beach in Los Angeles is under a different jurisdiction so do check).
  • If you have an organized group of wedding guests over 50 guests this usually requires a beach wedding permit.
  • If you require a wedding gazebo and/or chairs for your wedding guests you will also require a wedding location permit.
  • Remember your wedding guests who may not be able to navigate the heat and the unstable sand underfoot. (I have witnessed way too many grandmothers suffering as they try to reach the wedding location on the beach.)
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